OoT Randomizer Run #2 part 1 Hightlights

March 1, 2019, Part 1

(I know I missed some other singing and yeh dud and some good bits about timpanis...)

Great menu sounds: ZURGH
Sad Lon Lon music in Kakariko causes bad flashbacks [2] [3]
Jumping to the roof guy in Kakariko
Gobble gobble gobble
Kakariko cow item as a kid
Austin is actually so good though
Song of Storms lightning is nightfall sound
Malon's singing is Fire Temple
Song of Storms spoops
Never missed a pot in my life dude (Austin misses a pot) (Austin misses a second pot) (Austin misses a third pot) (finally gets it, its a rupee)
Austin is very good at sliding puzzles
Austin gets fire arrows, iron boots, and a heart container from one set of scrubs
The No Scrubs song [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]
He's got a gun
Early well and Ganon music
It's free by the way
The biggest burp
Weird noises
Frog ribbit low health noise and he's got a gun again
He's got a gun
How many people were monkaS at POGGERS
Jump slash for Skulltulla
Am I blind? Answer: yes
Buying beans: nice
Coocoo problems
Austin wastes 2 gold rupees in a few minutes
Austin accidentally makes the invincible broken deku stick
Texture glitch
Backflip for a key, and singing the Bombchu game music
Ocarina items and Austin tries playing Song of Storms
I'm so good dude...oh no dude
Ground jump
Nice musical interlude
The babies ate the bombs and he's got a gun again
Austin misses a backflip
Another music interlude
I'm so good actually
It's free
Megaflip attempts
Megaflip success and Split has to eat their ass
Milo floats
The perfect bombchu
OwO You're not allowed to type that
Austin's bomb-throwing prowless
Austin accidentally makes the invincible broken deku stick again
Best fishing music
Deku sniper murders Austin
More great Lon Lon music
Don't OwO dude
Megaflipping over Gerudo Valley
More good fight music
Another megaflip
You don't control Austin's life
Mega sidehop into Zora's domain
Accidentally does a megaflip
You are a fool!
So fast your balls'll spin off?
More great miniboss music
So good dud
He's got a gun!

Into the well again
More great miniboss music
First try...?
Hop right BTW and boomerang trick

March 2, 2019 part 2

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