Ryan Letourneau - Northernlion

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Eponymous host of the NLSS.  So named because Ryan rhymes with lion and he is Canadian.  Not Rihanna but remarkably good at making up songs.  Left-handed.   Leader of the lion pride. Occasionally A.C. Slaters it and sits backwards on a toilet.   Bald, frequently called egg or daddy or ryab or scum or bald demon.  Studied biology in college.   Taught English in Korea, but has problems with pronouncing bagel and ancient.  His tips helped Markiplier get started.  Addicted to 90s-00s pop culture.  Has strong opinions about bread integrity and deli meats, deli etiquette and honor.  Has a fear of deep sea creatures.  Known for playing rogue-likes, especially Isaac.  Prone to motion sickness so usually avoids FPSs.  Occasionally a god.  Then again he made the Pot Play.  Learning how to program (DAE?).  A Certified Unity Programmer.  Imitates Michael Caine and Sly Stalone.  Used to own a hedgehog named Allegro.  Lives in Vancouver with his wife, Kate AKA Lovelymomo, and two ragdoll cats, Tomo ("shitface" the big pussy who needs some air) and Ryuka (the lap-barfer).  Had to get hydrocele surgery in 8th grade.  Does not like dogs, spaghetti, fireworks, desserts, or fun.  Eats dry cereal.  Might have sold his soul for a legendary card in Hearthstone.  Aliases: DurstOfTimes, CashCab, Isek Baby, ho borvat.  Baby Bird Story.  His office is clean because he has a wifeDon't get me, I'm Ryan! Thanks for the company.  First appearance: on YouTube: Bart's Nightmare, maybe? The first NLSS: February 27, 2013.

Nick Reineke - Rockleesmile

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Main cohost of the NLSS. Named for a Naruto character. Invented the character Mar. Has a mean Yaha and Candyman.  Recently became Goldman.  Known for his (now defunct) series Indie Impressions.   Studied art and graphic design.  Worked at a Gamestop. Loves metriodvanias. Used to speedrun Super Meat Boy.  Interested in level design, which is how he meet RyabDied to Pinwheel.  Hates Bad Rats.   Lives on a mountain in upstate New York where you have to drive your own garbage to the dumpDoesn't trust ATMsThrew up hot dogs in a log cabin once.  Has a cat, usually referred to as Mr. Snuffles or Mr. Kitty.  Pretty good at MS Paint ([1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12]).  Was married but WoW addiction broke them up.  Dating Irish artist LinMac (Twitch Twitter Website).  Recently started wheeze-laughing a lot.  Grounded in reality but full of real-world problemsOccasionally becomes a fast grey wolf.  #StandWithNick.
First appearance on the NLSS: February 28, 2013.

Josh Smith - JSmithOTI

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[birthday: Aug 20] [diss track]
Former main cohost of the NLSS, then got a real job, was fired, and died. (In)famous for the 52 Hour Stream.  Now cohosts on Mondays.  Met Ryab on the Extended Play forums. Tells subs "up down all around welcome to JSmith town" and "raise some suds for your buds". Does a lot of laundry.  OTI stands for "on the internet". Known for his child-like wonder, spitting up water, and giving weird names to things. Can honk like a goose. Disrespects intros and disturbs shit with hi chat. Used to speedrun (spedran?) Bucky O'Hare. Was in the Air Force. Engaged to Kristin/JellyDonutPro (Twitter).  Lives in Pittsburgh. Recently bought a house! Got a pretty kitty named Lady Grey. Josh's dad PopSmithOTI (award winning home brewer and nice dude) and his cat Mr. Baggins come up sometimes, as well as Josh's brother Zach ``zedsmithoti''.
First appearance on the NLSS: February 28, 2013.

Michael Nolte - CobaltStreak

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Thursday NLSS Cohost. Known for skill and long win streaks in Isaac. Squatted like a gargoyle on the toilet. Has a lot of hats. Sleeps in the shower. Accidentally drank his own pee during a WoW marathon. Does not know what an otter is.  Apparently a 9/11 conspiracy theorist. Orders Wagyu beef and Sierra Mist. Recently had his first kid, Hunter. Often works with Richard "Dick" Hammer (YouTube Twitch Twitter).
First appearance: April 15, 2015.

Rumay Wang - Hafu

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[birthday: Apr 18]
Champions of Fire e-sports star.  Hearthstone streamer.  Recently got into Slay the Spire after seeing Northernlion's lack of skill at it.  The porn story.  The tail story.  Needs you to really suck on this hole. Has never boiled waterWDW.  Miss Lethal.  How do you turn a guy off?  Likes penguins.  Grew up in MA, now lives in Las Vegas.  Dates HSdogdog (twitter, twitch, youtube)
First appearance: Champions of Fire, first NLSS appearance: January 22, 2018.

Rob Riccitelli- alpacapatrol

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[Birthday: Apr 3] [50 and 57 nugs] [diss track]
Long time NLSS friend and contributor.  Recently promoted to a regular Wednesday cohost.  Streams the Alpaca Super Show (ASS) and does movie nights with Nick on Saturdays.  That's a lotta nuts.  Trapped in a glass cage of emotion.  Feels it down in his plums.  Rainstick.  Went to film and/or acting school.  Knows voices.  Made some short films.  Likes DOTA and Dragonball and vampires.  Smokes and refuses to go to doctors when he is coughing up diglettsSwallows flies and generally has trouble breathing.  Lives in NYC.  The Penguin Story.  Got into fightsFlipped a car.  Got hit by a car and never got a new bike.  Uses paper plates regularly.  Asks the important questionsCleans his fingernails with a G.I. Joe.  Dating Jess/BubblegumViking (Twitter Twitch).  Dumpl8ngs.  A rude boi.  Responsible for many Quiplash memes: killing your family with a 9mm beretta, and IAI FANKFAWJESUS CHRIST K8.  Great at drawing.
First appearance: April 11, 2013.

Mike - Michaelalfox

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[Birthday: Jun 4] [50 nugs]
High school and college friend of Northernlion and frequent NLSS guest.  Beat up NL once.  Often called MALF.  Foodie and likes poutine a lot.  The inventor of Poutineer.  Has an urban planning degree.  Works for an electrical power company, does construction project management.  Told the ham story.  The genius behind Dragonslayer Doppelganger.  Has a famous nip-slip pic.  Loves Super BockSips his friends.  Inventor of the MALF face and the tendie bendies.  Dates Maja (pronounced with a "y", who is from Norway, not Sweden) (Twitch Twitter).  Lives in Toronto.
First appearance: probably Don't Play This, on the NLSS March 14, 2013.

Alex Larrabe - BaerTaffy

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[Birthday: Dec 7] [58 nugs] [diss track 1, track 2]
Long time friend and NLSS contributor.  Sponsored by Madrinas.  Ran the Roundtable Podcast. Fantastic voice.  Sometimes does voice-overs, for instance with Top Trending.  Cameraman of one of the Weber Cooks episodes [1] [2].  Raised Mormon.  Played church ball.  Grew up in Fallout.  Married to AlyseChantel A.K.A. WifeTaffy (Twitter Twitch [26 nugs]).  Warms up Uncrustables by sitting on them.  Has rabbits and a puppy named Chubbs.  Recently released his first EPHow big was the biggest tent you've seen that wasn't on display?  Welcome to Brawlhalla!
First appearance: June 18, 2014.

Austin - LastGreyWolf

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[Birthday: Feb 23] [25 Nugs] [diss track]
Longtime friend and collaborator with Nick and Rob, notably Magic and Terraria.  Recently started streaming full time.  Has nice shoulders.  Good at video games: did Gungeon streaks and had a world record hell run.  Bad at Cuphead.  Very excited about Metroid.  Likes nutmeg (the start).  Eats a lot of ice cream.  Speedran some Zelda games.  Has two cats: Riley and Sif.  Related to some members of Jump5.   Recently moved to Austin, TX. ru ru ru.  He will always love you.   Nobody ever dies in the red zone.  The Shush Family Robinson StoryMarfle-pop!  P'tholesGood at Fortnite.  Learning how to play the piano.
First appearance: 52 Hour Stream, but he became a regular in March 2016.

Dan Gheesling

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[Birthday: Sept 1] [diss track]
Big Brother 10 winner and Big Brother 14 runner-up.  Here's the deep lore.  The Funeral Director.  Introduced to Northernlion by Mathas, story here and here.  Known for memes, diglets, cucking and world star videos.  Asks awkward questions about furries and Swedish pizzas.  Leaves voicemails [1] [2] [3] [4].  Organizes the Tournament of Shame.  Married to Chelsea and two sons: Desmond and Miles.  Has a Wikipedia page.  Rates movies  From Dearborn Michigan.  Once sold a bag of sand on eBay for $80.  Doesn't think helium is physical.  Thinks Hafu should be spelled with an "o".  Requests a gentleman's handy (just a couple strokes) by the golf course.
First appearance: the Gauntlet series, and on the NLSS: October 1, 2015.

Mike Martin - Mathas

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[Birthday: May 2] [diss track]
Sellout.  Always tired.  Known for 4X and survival games.  Wears a lot of plaid.  Stole $3000 from GamestopBad at building cabinets.  Met Ryan at PAX in 2013 after asking him in an AMA, more here.  Has three cats, Maya, Oliver, and Munchkin.  Lives in Boston.
First appearance on the NLSS: May 13, 2013.

Kate Letourneau - LovelyMomo

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[Birthday: Jan 14] [20 nugs]
Northernlion's wife.  How they met.  Also a content creator.  Plays Oboe. Knows Korean and Japanese and is learning Spanish.  Founded the Hikari Woodwind Quintet.  Better at video games than NL.  Might believe in fan death.  Recently started working game localizations, like You Must Build a Boat!
First appearance on the NLSS: February 17, 2013.


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[Birthday: Apr 28] [diss track]
A fairly recent addition.   Named after a band named after a species of ant.   Played the Culling and GeoGuessr with Northernlion.  Makes How ___ are you videos and some other great NLSS related videos.
First appearance on the NLSS: April 20, 2016.

Kory - Flackblag

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[58 nugs]
American ex-patriate living in Vancouver.  Previously taught in Japan.  Likes to bicycle.  Regularly outranked NL on the Isaac dailies.  His chat likes Tuturu videos.  Does a great impression of a cat throwing up.
First appearance: August 2, 2017.


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HC stands for hardcore.  Streams with Austin, good at PUBG and London.  Joined the crew for Fortnite, Siege, and Factorio.  Has tattoos. Had a record label.  Can see through the PUBG source code to the giant pan in the sky.  The best boy.  Recently got a cat named Mochi!  Dates Babs (Twitter Twitch)
First appearance: August 14, 2017.

John Bain - Total Biscuit

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The cynical Brit, the face of the Lul emote, and the host of the Co-optional podcast graced the NLSS with his presence on several occasions to roast NL real good and ask what the fuck is a Ryab? Fought the good fight against cancer.
First appearance: July 31, 2017.

Other associated streamers and YouTubers:

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Known for the Spelunky eggplant run.

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Jen Hazel / RxPixel
Twitter Website CheckPoint

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Crazy Mike
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Other notable friends:


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Maintains Platinum God, Gungeon God and WhenisNLSS, moderates NL's chat.  It's his birthday.


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Animator and artist. Makes NL's thumbnails, the Cowboy Bebop intro and the Northernlion Story.


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[diss track]
Animator, artist, content creator.  Made the NLSS introductions: SNL, Panflute, Star Wars.


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Made the Tomato mod for rockleesmile and the JSmith Names Mod.  Saves some important VODs like the Rock Band stream and the second one.  Made the Sprinkler and other items for Afterbirth+.

Other NLSS related people:

NLSS tech support guru.

Player Uno / Evil Uno
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Happy birthday.



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Lines From the NLSS

Chatamonchy - Did a lot of Kate's art.

FSnowZombie - Did a lot of Nick's emotes.

KatrinaZentrails - Does a drawing for every NLSS.