Wednesday, February 22, 2017

(February 22, 2017) Bree Dee Dee

(February 22, 2017)

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Dan Gheesling

Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+
Golf It
For Honor

Hot coffee enema and colonoscopies
-Rob doesn't go to the doctor
-They just won't do it to me
Roasting Austin about tablespoons of salt and cooking
-Blood Origins?
-The hand trick?
-I didn't beat my meat
-NL doesn't believe that food poisoning exists
-Rob eats a day old tempura banana
-Rob slept at a McDonalds and got free breakfast
Drinks in bags
-I tried to penetrate it as slowly as possible
Airports and flights
You fuckers
Fighting bears, professional fighters
You're so talented
-Bears can't fall backwards
Animals Exploding
Rabbits don't fart
Austin's middle school zoo and Bob the Bobcat
Bree dee dee
NL tries not to throw up
Fuck me in the fuck
This is the worst segment in forever
Mind if I bree dee?
Photoshop challenge: King Bree Dee Dee
Ryan holds everyone hostage
Coconut gun
The NLSS Dynamic in a nutshell
Poutine evolved from pudding
Like a rock
I've got a feeling~
Is there such a thing as copywrites in video games?
Nick has bats in his ballfry
Mayonaise cafe?
Food delivery services
Nutmeg call back
Dan tries to guess Nek's birthday
Austin's meat
What does subjugate mean?
Skrrt, g heal
2 on 1s and honor
More honorable subreddit
Nick has honor
Ryab pushes Nick around
Damn Daniel
NL is dishonorable
Terminator music

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