Wednesday, December 7, 2016

(December 7, 2016)

(December 7, 2016)

Twitch VOD


Dan, briefly
Josh, very briefly

Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth
Tricky Towers
London 2012

Is rob on the NLSS today website
rob does josh item names in Isaac
Dark Souls & NL never beating the Nameless King
The circlejerk, NLSS history, the meme market
Some Champions of Fire discussion
Five Guys orders
How many Walmarts are within 20 minutes of Austin (like 7)
Frozen food
Austin is an ice cream thief and the huge amounts of ice cream Austin buys
You can't trust ladies around ice cream - NL
Toilet paper usage
Grape lady and does bruno mars is gay call backs
A golf course for shitty golfers
They's got tangy taffy and shit you shoot your ball up - Nick
Sploorsh and ovipositors
Frankly my dear, I'm turned on - Austin
Planet Coaster framerate problems
Programing, visual programing, Scratch...
Wiping shit off your leg, bidets
I have hair on my butthole - rob
You want a clean butthole? What is someone gonna lick it later?
Death finger from the sky redux
Nick's stream is melting
Buckley's and mixing cold medicine
Edging, Edge from U2, and evil Edge
Howard Dean yell
Houdini pun, best magicians
Shark week redux
Ryuka yells a lot
Car commercials insulting wives and families
I don't need a jacket reference (pretty much everywhere it gonna be hot)
Unusual meats: alligator, snake, shark
Sugar cane (who said that?!)
Battle royales, H1Z1 king of the kill
Dan cameo
ghee puns
American Gladiator and similar shows
Who is more wild: Dan or Josh. Best NLSS members in bar fights. Another Dan cameo
The fights rob has gotten into, Josh cameo
Vicarious and vicar and what religious figures do.
Bagel holes redux.
TV shows: Shark Tank, Big Bang Theory, Law and Order, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Top Gear...
Jeremy Clarkson strikes me as the kind of guy who thinks video games are for...immigrants - NL
Steven Universe, Heroes, The Good Wife, and giving up on shows, Breaking Bad, Dexter...
Bottle flipping
More Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Undertales
Cucking discussion, "if there's no dude jerking it in the corner it's just cheating"
The NLSS is definitely cuck-core - NL
NL got propositioned after Champions of Fire
Fetishes in general, smoking fetish, financial domination, giantess...
Fucking your clone redux, fucking your gender-swapped clone...
NL's stream starts melting
NL on the Kinsey scale
MALF weighs in
More toilet paper discussion
Japanese toilets

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