Monday, November 7, 2016

(November 7, 2016)

(November 7, 2016)

Twitch VOD

Nick View Twitch VOD


Ultimate Chicken Horse
Gang Beasts
Duck Game

Josh has computer problems
NL talks about cancelling the show
"The NLSS has the dynamic of a family rushing to get to the airport" & Punctuality
Ryuka threw up into his water fountain
Penguin fight
Is Nick Ok?
Austin: "I can get behind Josh's asshole"
Adult men buying fruit snacks, are Gushers fruit snacks?
NL never experienced joy or wonder in his life
NL doesn't like cake (and has eaten a lot of Korean cakes in his day)
Lizard running from snake pile
NL knows MALF inside and out
Josh is avuncular
Steamed burgers
The NLSS crew member you want in a survival situation
The best dick sucker on the NLSS
Some great Gang Beasts, shimmy meta
NL murders Emerson
NL doesn't laugh any more
I miss the old NL
Wait Austin's in Texas?
Japanese monks
You just watched someone become a republican in front of your very eyes.
I wanna suck people's dicks today
Which way do you cut sandwiches, how many sandwiches have you eaten
Austin's chicken salad story
Spaghetti sandwich redux
Thanks for watching the last NLSS ever
Josh pimps his channel ( twitter er internet)
Whitney's Houston
Thanks for joining us on, lotta good memories
Hey K8

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