Thursday, February 25, 2016

(February 25, 2016) 3 year anniversary!

(February 25, 2016)

Nick View

Twitch VOD

Dan Gheesling

Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth
Golf With Your Friends

Discussion of NL's use of Notepad in the Golf Tournament of Shame
Roasting NL for his punctuation
Damn Daniel
Nick wore JNCO jeans and Osiris sneakers, had a goth phase when he wore red glasses
NL's swimming field trips
NL's lesson planning in Korea
Getting detention
The Wheat Thins Story.
Dan rag-dolled a kid after swim practice
NL says there are times kids should get punched
I can't tie my shoes but I can fuck your bitch
Nick feels bad about hugging NL the first time they met IRL
Dan gets Quill and NL confused?
Dan answers the 10% question
How NL and Josh met, how NL and Dan met via Mathas, and how NL met Mathas
Dan suggests Obliteracers is FMV
Reality TV
What Dan gets at the grocery store
Dancing skeleton video "it never went that far"
How NL and Nick met
If they could have been in a 90s band, Nick would have been in Korn, NL would have been in Next.
They realize the Too Close is about hiding an erection.
Dan made a bookmark with "Books are eggcellent" on it.
Evan and essence, creating supergroups
This man has no dick in Ghostbusters
Dan was driving a 2010 Ford Explorer, NL gets salty when someone calls his Focus a Fiesta
What celebrity would you wait in line to meet?
Dan learns about cucking

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